Telemarketing/Telesales Jobs in Pakistan

Karachi, Pakistan 35,000 - 60,000 PKR

Job Description

Job Description

Deliver promotional presentations to current or prospective customers.

Deliver prepared sales talks, reading from scripts that describe products or services, to persuade potential customers to purchase a product or service.

Contact current or potential customers to promote products or services.

Explain products or services and prices, and answer questions from customers.

Explain technical product or service information to customers.

Answer customer questions about goods or services.

Obtain customer information such as name, address, and payment method, and enter orders into computers.

Maintain records of customer accounts.

Record names, addresses, purchases, and reactions of prospects contacted.

Identify potential customers.

Adjust sales scripts to better target the needs and interests of specific individuals.

Answer telephone calls from potential customers who have been solicited through advertisements.

Telephone or respond to correspondence from customers or to follow up initial sales contacts.

Contact current or potential customers to promote products or services.

Schedule appointments for sales representatives to meet with prospective customers or for customers to attend sales presentations.

Schedule appointments with prospective customers.

Job Specification

A positive attitude and sunny disposition

A strong belief that you have something that is of benefit to whoever you are calling

Good relevant product knowledge but not a features-heavy sales pitch. Understanding benefits is much more compelling.

A broad knowledge of the target marketplace

An understanding of the issues the target buyers face – what keeps them up at night?

Aptitude and confidence to converse with senior/key decision makers without worry

Good pace, pitch and tone and the ability to be natural and conversational, not scripted and stilted.

The ability and knowledge to pose insightful and engaging questions

Excellent listening skills once the prospect answers your questions!

Excellent communicationand rapport building skills

The aptitude to be able to filter prospects out of your net as well as in. Not everyone is a prime prospect

Techniques to deal with tough Gatekeepers. You won’t get far if you don’t get through

The ability to handle and deflect objections that will inevitably come up from budget holders / decision-makers and gatekeepers

Time management skills to ensure calls are carried out on time and without becoming distracted

Consistency with calling hours. This is to ensure that momentum is built with calls and planned call-backs that will in turn build momentum

The willingness and dogged determination to have a go and to keep going in the face of rejection. People saying no doesn’t matter, as long as a given percentage say yes