System Support Engineer


Job Description

Responsible to provide support Hardware & repair Support.

Responsible to install new hardware & Repair hardware, Laser printer, Label printer, Dot-matrix printer, Desk Jet printer, Wireless printers, Scanner, LCD, Monitor Multimedia, System Mother Board, laptop mother board, Power Supply, Laptop, UPS, DVR CCTV, Camera, Mouse, keyboard, CD Rom.

Responsible to provide support Software Windows installation, Office installation, Antivirus, USB Security Software, remote software VNC, HMIS, Store report, Pharmacy Software, Quick book, Converting software video Editing Software CD & DVD, Audio Editing, Photo Editing.

Responsible to configure Email account internet configures, laptop configures wireless, 6 checking computer equipment for electrical safety.

Responsible for planning and undertaking scheduled maintenance upgrades.

Responsible to setting up new user accounts and profiles and dealing with password issues, Provide support Network.

Configure wireless (PVT) Blocks User laptop & mobile.

Responsible to new Network cable active & Troubleshoot Network Cable.

Responsible to configure network switch, wireless device, Router.
Responsible to manage network Cable and Tagging.

Job Type: Full-time


  • active directory: 1 year (Preferred)
  • Bachelor's (Required)
  • Lahore (Preferred)